Thanks goes out to the Missoula Independent for their brief snippet on the effort to bring Bruce to Missoula.

Right now, the best thing we can do is to show a united support of wanting him to be here.

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Do it.

The Dream: Bruce Springsteen and the Legendary E Street Band play in Missoula, MT

Is anybody *alive* out there tonight?


If there's something you need.
If there's something you want.
You've got to RAISE YOUR HAND.

Our hands are raised. We want to see Springsteen come play here in Missoula.

We are a growing group of people who believe the dream is possible.

For now, you can follow on Twitter, share stories on our Facebook page, email us if you have ideas on how to bring Bruce to Missoula, and, most importantly. BELIEVE.

It. Can. Happen.